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About Me

Hi, I'm Matt. Nice to meet you!

I like to take a more personal approach to working with my clients, and I'd like you to get to know me a little bit as well.

My background

I have been a PHP web developer since 2010, self-taught while part of the MyBB support team when I was at college. Since 2011, I have primarily worked for digital and creative agencies as a full stack developer, where I started as a junior and worked my way up.

In 2019 I decided to move on from agency life, and turn freelance to work on a wider range of projects. My aim is to be able to share my years of agency knowledge and experience with you; agency quality for freelance rates!

My favourite projects are bespoke, functional applications, and I have a particular love for data visualisation; I can't resist a good chart or graph!

On a more personal note...

I like cars, and drive a 1987 BMW M535i, which I love (when it starts). I am also an F1 fan, and have attended races at Silverstone and Spa Francorchamps (which was certainly an experience!)

In my spare time, I am an amateur fishkeeper and have several aquariums in my flat. And lastly, but absolutely not least, I have my two darling cats to keep me company. In fact, here they are below!

The rest of the team


Senior Vice Paw-sident

Sleeps most of the day and only gets up to eat. Not entirely sure what I pay her for.


Chief Technical Paw-ficer

Spends more time sat on my keyboard and annoying her feline colleague than doing any work.

Interested in working together?