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Maná Art Gallery

Contemporary art gallery online store

Statamic, Laravel, Stripe

Maná Art is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Aylsham. Established in 2022, following the closure of the Riverside Art and Glass gallery in Wroxham, the gallery displays and sells contemporary paintings, hand-made jewellery, sculptures, glass and original prints from local and international artists.

I replaced the WordPress website for the previous gallery with a brand new website build using Statamic, featuring clean product listing pages and online payments with Stripe.

This project was built with...

  • Laravel

    PHP web application framework

  • Statamic

    Flat-file CMS platform based on Laravel

  • Vue.js

    Progressive JavaScript framework

  • Tailwind CSS

    Utility-first CSS framework

  • Stripe

    Simple and powerful online payments

Maná Contemporary Gallery opened in 2022 after the Riverside Art and Glass gallery closed down. The old WordPress website was powered by an overly complex block builder, necessitating each product page to be manually built up, with content duplicated numerous times, a constant source of frustration for the gallery's staff.

I built a new website from the ground up using Statamic, providing an improved and easier to use system to add and manage products, with dynamic content for artists being pulled through to each product page automatically. Product details including descriptions, imagery, prices, and specifications, can be controlled with an easy to use CMS.

Focus was placed on a clean and simple website design, putting the product imagery front and centre, and giving users a simple ecommerce process to help them purchase their favourite artwork.

Product listing

Grid view

The product listing grid view can be easily customised to show between 2 and 4 columns of products, depending on the size of the display being used.

This allows customers to switch between browsing through large images of the artwork, and being able to see more of what is on offer at once.

Product listing

Featured products

Products can be featured on an artist's product listing, which highlights them above the other products with a larger image more eye-catching layout.

The featured products will sit side-by-side on larger devices, and stack on smaller devices.


Basket and checkout process

A clean and simple basket gives customers an overview of what they are going to buy.

The checkout process is completed on a single page form, with card payments being taken with Stripe.

CMS - product management

Product listing

The product listing page has tabs to filter products in a single click, making it easy to find products visible on the site, available to buy, recently sold, and more.

CMS - product management

Product information

Statamic provides beautifully clean and simple publish forms to manage content, with no fields you need to learn to ignore, and nothing in your way.

Each product will pull through a summary of the artist that is selected for the product. Depending on the entry point when the user is viewing a product, related products by the same artist, or from within the same category or tag, will automatically be pulled through to the product detail page.

CMS - product management

Product prices and specs

With separate pricing fields for regualr price and sale price, unlike the old WordPress site where the product title had to be edited to indicate a product was on sale, the new website will automatically cross out the original price, and display the sale price in green next to it.

Product stock can be entered, which will show a quantity selector on the product detail page only if more than one example is available, and will automatically decrease when a sale is made.

Other product specs such as dimensions are shown, so customers can make sure they'll have enough space to display their newly purchased artwork.

CMS - product management

Product media

As well as a single primary featured image, additional product images can be uploaded, which will display as a grid on the product detail page to allow customers to browse through them.

CMS - product management

Product setup

Simple toggle switches control product visibility and availability status, and whether it is featured on the homepage or artist page.

If a product is on sale, a date range can be set to automatically reduce the price for a fixed period, before reverting to the original price.

When a product is sold, it can remain on display for a period of time so other customers can see why it is no longer available, before being removed from the site.

CMS - product management

Product imports

A CSV template can be exported and populated to bulk import products, as well as also being able to upload a zip archive of product images, which get saved to the product by matching the product SKU to the image name, allowing for population of featured images and secondary images in one single upload. The CSV data is validated before upload to check for missing values or duplicate products.

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