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My Services

I offer a range of web development services, from bespoke applications and platforms to brochure and marketing website builds, as well as various consultancy services.

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I specialise in bespoke web development, building custom applications and platforms from scratch to meet your requirements.

From brochure websites to marketing websites, built with Statamic.

I offer several web development and consultancy services, such as website maintenance and support, training and troubleshooting, server migrations, and site audits.

Instead of simply providing an estimate or quote for your project, I can work with you on a pre-project consultancy basis to help plan your project and go through a process of project discovery and ideation with you.

Technical Skillset

Below is an overview of my primary technical skillset, including software, platforms, and tools that I am familiar with and use to build my projects. If you have specific technical requirements for your project, this should help give you an initial idea of whether I will be able to help you achieve what you need.

No idea what any of this stuff is, or have no specific technical requirements? No problem! Get in touch, and we can discuss the project and I will let you know whether I have the necessary skills to complete it; I'll never take on a project I don't feel comfortable that I have the skills to achieve.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, allowing developers to build powerful web applications.

Statamic is a modern and beautiful CMS based on Laravel, which allows for extensive content and management for your website.

I have built several websites with Statamic, including this one!

Vue is a progressive javascript framework, which I use to build dynamic page components, but can also be used to power full single page applications (SPAs).

Tailwind is a customisable utility-first CSS framework, which generates low-level utility CSS classes allowing for rapid front end development.

Stripe is a leading online payments solutions provider, offering a wide range of powerful payment options, coupled with an easy to use API and beautiful control panel.

I have used Stripe to process card and bank payments, one-off and recurring payments, as well as subscriptions for instalment payment plans and Connect for marketplace-style payments.

Algolia is a data indexing platform to allow for lightning-fast real-time searching, which can be used to integrate an extremely powerful search to your website.

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