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Bespoke Web Development

I specialise in bespoke web development, building custom applications and platforms from scratch to meet your requirements.

With over 9 years of agency experience, large and complex bespoke builds spanning several months come naturally to me.

Bespoke Laravel Applications

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, providing a modern and secure base to build powerful web applications.

Need to take bookings in a way off-the-shelf software can’t handle? Need to take a paper-based system online? Have a legacy data spreadsheet you want to manage? I can build you a bespoke Laravel application to do (pretty much) whatever you need.

  • Event management and ticket bookings
  • E-Commerce and payments
  • Payment portals
  • Customer portals
  • Document managers
  • Member areas
  • Data imports and visualisation
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Why hire me instead of an agency?

Typically, if you're looking for a large bespoke build, your first thought would be to hire an agency. Agencies bring with them a whole team of experience and knowledge, often with a team of developers, as well as designers, search marketers, and account managers. For many projects, it is far more beneficial to go with an agency than an independent freelancer.

However, in my 8 and a half years working for an agency, I worked on several large bespoke builds spanning several months, even as long as a year, costing anywhere from £20,000 to £50,000, often as the sole developer on the project. Larger builds come naturally to me, are what I enjoy working on the most, and is the sort of work I've done for several years of my career.

My aim now is to help you build projects that are large enough to be taken on by an agency, where perhaps the budget wasn't enough for them to be able to take it on. I may not have the full team of an agency behind me, but you'll be working directly with the developer building your project instead of going through an account manager, and I will build the project to the same quality as if I were sat at a desk in an agency's office, except it'll come at as much as a quarter of the cost.

When it comes to taking on a large bespoke build, there are 3 criteria I will need to satisfy:

  • Do I have the skillset required to complete the project to a high quality
  • Is the budget high enough to cover the work
  • Is the deadline feasible and possible to meet

If the answer to all 3 of these is yes, then the size of the project is no obstacle; in fact, the bigger the better!

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My other services

From brochure websites to marketing websites, built with Statamic.

I offer several web development and consultancy services, such as website maintenance and support, training and troubleshooting, server migrations, and site audits.

Instead of simply providing an estimate or quote for your project, I can work with you on a pre-project consultancy basis to help plan your project and go through a process of project discovery and ideation with you.

Interested in bespoke web development?